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Manufacturer: Saris

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Since 1959 Saris produced trailers for private and commercial use. Meanwhile saris is one of the largest and best-known manufacturers of trailers in Europe and one of the leading manufacturers in Germany.

Saris trailer are no cheap stuff trailer, the very low price could only be offered by saris by the early use of welding robots and other high-tec production equippment.

Saris trailer are also known for their long lifespan, quality in production and a very good price performance ratio. We offer the whole Saris trailer programm and are also abled to offer many addidtional and accessories parts.

Now a overview over our Saris trailer offers:

Saris Trailer singel axle without brake:

If you just have to transport small goods, these trailer are made for you. You have also the coice between longlife aluminium side plates or stronger wooden side plates, what better fits your needs.

Saris Trailer singel axle with brake:

If your cargo is a bit heavier, these saris trailer have a gross vehicle weight of 1200kg.

Saris Trailer tandem axle:

If you search for a strong trailer for heavy transport, these trailer should be in your narrow choice. There are trailer from 1600kg till 2000kg gross vehicle weight in our saris offer. In addition to that these trailer have rails on the walls and a ladder rack for better transport of longer things.

Saris tarpaulin trailer single axle without brake:

With a high quality tarpaulin in truck quality equipped are even bigger and/or sensitive goods no problem for these trailer.

Saris tarpaulin trailer single axle with brake:

Need it a size bigger? Here they are, high quality trapaulin and a gross vehicle weight till 1200kg should be good arguments.

Saris tarpaulin trailer double axle:

Tarpaulin trailer, double axle and till 2000kg gross vehicle weight. These trailer are some of the biggest and strongest saris tarpaulin trailers available.

Saris Tipper backward:

Need to leave something behind you? Easy with these trailers. 2000 kg gross vehicle weight, strong steelframe, tandem axle and 3 hingeable side plates for affordable prices.
Saris PK Compakt 20
2435,29 EUR
excl. german VAT
Saris PK Compakt 20

Rear dumper with aluminium side plates

Technical data:
gross vehicle weight: 2000 kg payload: 1440 kg
loading dimensions: 270 x 150 x 30 cm

Saris PK Compakt 30 E+H with electric and hand pump
3023,53 EUR
excl. german VAT
Saris PK Compakt 30 E+H with electric and hand pump

Brand new Rear dumper with electric- and hand pump

Technical data:
gross vehicle weight : 2.700 kg
empty weight : 610 kg, payload 2.090 kg
loading dimensions : 270 x 150 x 30 cm
total length : 400 cm
total width : 163 cm

Saris Tipper three-way:

All good things come in threes. These sentence perfectly fits for these three-way tipper from saris. All three walls are hingeable and a gross vehicle weight of 2700g would not leave nothing to be desired.
Saris PK 30
3107,56 EUR
excl. german VAT
Saris PK 30

three-way tipper with aluminium side plates
robust version with galvanized steel floor

Technical data:
gross vehicle weight: 2700 kg payload: 1945 kg
loading dimensions: 306 x 170 x 30 cm

Saris Plant trailer:

The transport of a digger will become a children's game. Equipped with a big aluminium ramp or 2 aluminium tracks for easy loading. 2000kg gross vehicle weight will be enough for bigger construction machines.

Saris Box van trailer:

There will surely fit everything in these trailer you ever have to transport. Of course with a lock and available with on or two axles.

Used Saris Trailers

We also have used Saris trailers to offer, but they are almost sold before we can put them in our onlineshop. But you can look out for them in our online stock list:
- Used Saris Trailer